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In addition to Dieter being a heartless nihlist, another thing about the film that might have been tough for mainstream audiences to swallow is all the references German art house cinema that color the script similarly to how but not as blatantly.There are subtle nods to the movies of Fritz Lang and Werner Herzog that would probably be lost on the average US movie theater patron, as would the planned cameo from filmmaker Wim Wenders."He has followed a pattern and practice of breaking his promises, betraying the trust of others and causing serious damage to those with whom he deals through selfish, egomaniacal and irresponsible conduct." The Imagine lawsuit sought more than million in actual damages plus punitive damages.German talk show host Dieter (Mike Myers) and Helmut (Will Ferrell), his lover, present the Insane Academy Awards to a list of actors and films they've just made up. The sketch was to be the basis for a film to be released in 2001, featuring Myers, Will Ferrell, David Hasselhoff, and Jack Black, but the project was abandoned in June 2000 after Myers became dissatisfied with his own script.

One big thing the movie had going against it, though, is that Dieter is a much less relatable and less charming protagonist than Austin Powers or Wayne Campbell were. Throughout the movie, he’s a Nietsche-quoting, artsy nihlist who doesn’t really have any affection for anyone except his monkey.

The sketch was created for the Second City Theatre, and became more widely known when Myers brought it to Saturday Night Live. The sketch parodied German stereotypes, especially those pertaining to German seriousness, efficiency, and precision.

Myers later ported the character to television for the Canadian sketch comedy show It's Only Rock & Roll and the American sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

Dieter is perhaps at his most sadistic in a scene midway through the script where he sends an FBI team to retrieve his monkey, lying that it’s his human son who’s been kidnapped.

A bunch of the FBI men are killed, but Dieter doesn’t really bat an eye: It’s bold of Myers and his co-writers to have been so unconcerned with making Dieter likable and to have even gone the other direction on that front years ahead of callous, selfish comedy heroes like Kenny Powers, Larry David, and the .

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